May 6, 2007

End of LJ

Filed under: Uncategorized — alsuren @ 7:15 pm

With the arrival of a credit card advert, my faith in livejournal has finally departed.

I was expecting it to happen a lot sooner after the take-over, but maybe I just didn’t notice how it was going downhill, because I never really used LJ in internet explorer until recently.

A few items of book-keeping need to be done before I really migrate which I need some help with.

1) Could someone with a paid account, please get added as a livejournal feed, and tell me about it so that I tell people about it. That way, people can still get updates on their friends list when I post.

2) If anyone knows anything about blogspot, could they please tell me what they use as a friends-page equivalent? I will still check my LJ friends page, but getting all my friends in one list would certainly be nice.


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