May 13, 2007

Revision, and lack thereof

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*cries* why must I be so unmotivated?

I like going to lectures and doing examples papers, because you learn so many interesting things, but doing past exam papers sucks, because all it does is remind you how much you didn’t *actually* learn. ’tis rubbish!


I also haven’t heard back from DataConnection, and I didn’t go to pick up fliers today from Johns. That’s not too bad though, because I’ve just found out that I won’t be getting an opportunity to hand them out on tuesday, as I am going to a curry evening instead. I’ll just have to pick some up on wed.

I’m weighing up the possible advantages and disadvantages of asking someone out from dancing. On the one hand: we seem to fit; she even made the effort of crossing the road to KBC to say bye when she had to leave while I was getting dirty food; she would probably enjoy 28 weeks later even more than me, but on the other hand: it would be fatally awkward if it didn’t work out; she probably fits well with everyone; I probably wouldn’t have time to treat her properly (where have we heard that one before? *sinking feeling*)

also, I still need to: learn German; get a few new pairs of shoes; find some braces, like the guy in the German eurovision entry had.

…and do more past exam papers…


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