May 23, 2007

Liny Hop

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I saw Catherine Kemp at dinner, but I didn't manage to catch her and tell her about Lindy hop.

We learnt a cool move called an RJ, which might make swing-outs easier to lead/follow. Georgie missed out on it though.

Everyone was tired (myself included), and I wasn't leading very well at all

I really need to work on my posture… What I really need is for someone to take a picture/video of me whenever I look crappy, and show me so I can see what I look like… Which brings me onto my next point: I thought of a really good idea for a 4th year project: a webcam-like thing that can record someone doing a dance move, and listen to the music, then play back the video with 4,6,8(or multiple thereof) count delay, such that it is still in time with the music, and also keeps it so that it stays on the same step of the basic as you were just on. That way, you could do a swing-out, and then watch yourself, while you are still dancing. Listening to the rhythm to count the beats seems do-able, especially if you limit the genre of music. Settng the number of beats to delay by hand would not be too cumbersome, but it would be cool to make it recognise feet, and work out whether you're in a 6 or 8 count basic. Eventually, getting it to do grouping of dance moves in an N dimensional space, so that you can tag them would be really cool.

You get the idea though.


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