May 27, 2007

Windows Mobile Woes

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I had yet another 'can't launch new programs' fuck-up by windows mobile while I was sending an email to Liz, so I don't know whether it sent or not. I'm not in the mood to re-send, because mail mobile has a habit of sending things multiple times and saying they've failed.

In other news, I am forming a better idea of what I want to d over the summer. A PyKDE telepathy client would be a good larf. I would also like to see how many lines of code I can write an IM client in. It might be in the style of sparrow IM, if that's any good, but probably more likely to be in the style of the 'ed' text editor (possibly with sound). I would also like to get into the back-end stuff, and help with the MSN connection manager, but probably only if it would simplify the creation of a feature-complete IM client(a command line client with voice/video support would be a comprehensive win :D).

I think I *might* do a bit of linux-on-my-phone stuff, but probably more as a way to give myself a second machine for test purposes than anything else I'm more likely to just wait until it gets a bit more mature, and use it then. If I can get a flash disk image off George Wright, I will probably do that.

Okay: chances of me going dancing on jesus green in this weather?
Slim to none.


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