June 28, 2007


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No relation to either CUPS or std::string

It would seem that I have written an MSN client in about 150 lines of code.

I say about, because I'm currently counting blank lines and comments and $HOME/cupsandstringrc as 'code'.

Check out voip/cupsandstring on my srcf home for the most current version. I'm making the effort to keep the source revision controlled, and publicly available.


June 25, 2007


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So it would appear that I got a 2:1.

Not too bad. I’m happy with that result.

( for those members of the engineering dept that can remember their PINs )

It seems that Peterhouse got the same number of each class of degree as last year, but with different people getting different things.

Now time to get on with my holiday plans.

*signs into Alex’s computer to test MSN*

June 11, 2007


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So it seems I’ve started hacking on pymsn.

It’s quite cool, because I’m kinda working in parallel with alexreg’s VB.NET client library. Both attempting to implement the newest version of the protocols, but in different languages.

He said he had problems getting the server to remember his username. I have discovered that I am too, but my test client had client.profile.display_name = “Alsuren” , so it tricked me into thinking it was working. I might take a look at the kopete code, if I’m feeling suicidal. See how it does it. (who’s betting that it just store it locally? 😛 )

June 9, 2007


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Things I hate about windows mobile:

* mouse-over text doesn't show… because you have no mouse. I now have an
urge to re-read xkcd in konq.

In other news, I only have 2 ethernet cables, so I can't have both working
wifi and a working computer at the same time. (yes: I have a really
disgusting cascade of linksys devices in the corner of my room)

Luckily, I have borrowed Phil's wifi card for testing, so I can neatly
sidestep the problem, and get phone and computer working at the same time 😀


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Okay, so I don’t think my computer has ever been (or should ever be again) off for that long.

When I switched it on, it got a cmos checksum error. What had happened is it run out of backup power and forgotten everything it was told. Annoyingly, not only did this include the clock, it also included the fact that my 3 disks are *not* in raid, and I would quite like to boot to one of them if that’s not too much trouble kthxbi.

Took a while to fix (for some reason, I booted to my kubuntu liveCD and used date to check whether clock had reset rather than just checking the bios settings) and in the process, I discovered how to enable USB keyboard in the bios. I might also try wake-up-on-alarm at some point. Get it to wake up at 7 in the morning and put a cron job to play music at 7:30 😀

*huggles his computer*

*gets a sharp aluminium corner in his ribs*

*vows never to do that again*

Something I didn’t do last year

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*collects exam papers, like a mighty warrior collecting the heads of fallen generals*

June 7, 2007

I’m *definitely going to fail my exams*

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–best thing is that if you think you got the joke less than 2 seconds after reading it, you *really* didn't get the joke.
— is it just me that wouldn't have left the room in the first place if someone was describing a routing algorithm that was provably optimal in all cases?
— only maths revision I'm doing for tomorrow

June 6, 2007

Electronics(*kicks himself*)

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That exam could have been considerably better than it was if I had committed Phil's proof to memory. If I had, that question would have been a 10 minute gift question. As it was, I decided to avoid it, and messed up my timing like I did in yesterday's thermo exam.

As it was, I only had 1 gift question (maximum torque), and I was a bit pushed for time.


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Went last night. There are a few deceptively simple exercises that really need you to be in control of your body. I'm going more to learn how to move with precision than anything. Cambridge Lindy teaches you how to have fun, and the Tai Chi I did was way too martial and not precise enough.

I think I'll go to the one next week, then at the start of next year, I'll go, and get her to clarify *everything* she says. I might even force her to get everyone doing ['inner thigh back', 'hips level in all 3 planes'(and not level in all 3 planes), 'lumb[ae]r spine [collapsed|engaged],…]

June 5, 2007


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Had a dream in which we were sitting in a circle learning a game (which involved people going round the circle kissing everyone, and stealing razors) when the leader asked "Okay, so who here thinks they're dreaming?". Stu put his hand up, and was told that it was not a dream, to which he responded "Oh: I should youtube this then" or something. Then they turned to me, as I had absently raised my hand. "Oh no. I changed my mind."

It would seem that controlling (or recognising) dreams is not a skill I always possess.

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