June 2, 2007

*prepares to fail*

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Yeah… so I'm going to fail these exams. I don't know any of the stuff, and I'm not awake enough to blag it from first principles like I did last year. I think that's the most dangerous thing this year: I'm not in the routine of working in the mornings, so I might not be able to think properly. This way, I fail Mechanics, Materials and Maths, wich are my 3 Morning exams.

It also feels like I've not done enough past papers (I've not been able to concentrate this year. Even worse than last year), and I've not gone through enough cribs to absorb the correct methods. This might have something to do with the fact that we have 8 exams this year rather than 4, so I would need to have done twice as many papers as last year to feel like I've done enough.

Hopefully, I'll be able to scrape together at least a third (yes: I know I was looking to punish, but that's obviousy not going to happen), and carry on to do some interesting subjects next year, with exams at the end of each term. I'm not in as dire a situation as some, because I managed a 2:1 last year, which will earn me some grace, and I've revised the subjects that I enjoy, so I should be able to pick up marks in some papers. Also, it seems like Jacqui and Rob are less prepared than me (somehow). Digby won't be too pleased with me though, because it's structures and mechanics that will be worst.

*will be jumping his blues away tomorrow (sunday) on jesus green to savoy jazz*

(8)Don't drink no whiskey
Just jump your blues away(8)

*needs to organise something for next weekend on parker's piece*

(8)Spring cleanin'
Gettin' ready for love(8)


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