July 23, 2007

Linux/Windows Vista drivel

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Okay, so if anyone wants to submit useful bug reports, I found the "ubuntu"
way of doing things:
This was originally because amarok was getting stuck in busy loops, and I
wanted to find out why.

I also installed qemu (and kqemu, which is now Free, contrary to all the
out-of-date articles I found on the net) so that I can run
vista/gutsy/freebsd without rebooting. It's actually surprisingly simple
(especially when you have 3GB of RAM), but freebsd's "tar" is a bit slow
under qemu. I expect this is something to do with disk access. There is also
a problem with the liveCD of Kubuntu gutsy, so it stops working before it
reaches the desktop. I will get the alternative CD shortly and try again.

I'm still looking for a *legal* version of windows vista that I can use for
free. I don't see why I should have to pay for an operating system that I'm
not even running on real hardware, and which will only be used for testing
Free software.

Ideally, I would like a 30 day trial that I can keep re-installing, and a
little powershell script that I can use to get the system how I need it each
time. For now, I guess I'll have to make do with my copy of Vista Ultimate
that "fell off the back of that truck" :P.

I also want to install MPX now ( ),
because I have 2 mice (one left handed, and one right handed(currently both
set up as left handed)) and two screens (one of which is a bit temperamental,
but didn't cost me anything(give me a multimeter and a power supply and I'll
soon fix that)). I will also have a HUGE room next year, so having two
[keyboard/mouse/screen]s could be useful at parties if someone wants amarok
and someone else wants to check emails (or if we have a film running on one
screen, etc.)

Much love.



  1. Welcome back to the Windows way of doing things. You have absolutely no hope of legally getting any kind of licence for Vista without paying the same as everybody else. Running on hardware or virtually makes no difference to the legal beagles at Redmond Way! :p

    You might get away with reinstalling a 30-day trial, so long as you make it seem as if the virtual hardware is different each time – installing on the same v.hardware will make Vista go “uh-oh, no chance, mate!”. It still won’t be legal in M$’s eyes, though, as the 30-day trial is designed for 30 days, and ONLY 30 days…

    Comment by Stuart — July 23, 2007 @ 10:42 am

  2. The annoying thing is that there *is* a downloadable trial version of vista, available here but it’s for microsoft’s own virtual PC software (why do I get the feeling that I won’t be able to install that under linux? :P)

    Regarding the 30 day trial thing: the microsoft recommended way of dealing with licencing for short-lived deployment/testing boxes is to keep re-installing the 30-day thing and never actually registering with MS. That way your company doesn’t end up paying for a load of copies of windows that no longer exist. [citation needed]

    Also, remember that I am a student, so I should be able to get my university to pay for it. What I will probably do is befriend one of the fresher compscis next year and see if they can provide me with a copy.

    Comment by alsuren — July 23, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

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