August 10, 2007

New keyboard

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I went out yesterday and got a microsoft ergonomic keyboard. It's interesting
having a split down the middle of the keyboard, because I often use b with my
right hand, and y with my left. I'm not such a fan of the ridiculously long
enter key, because it takes a bit of effort to press until you get used to

There are a few keys that don't generate events ("zoom", which is a rocker
button along the center of the keyboard, the "customizable" buttons 1-5
and "My Favorites" along the top, and the "spell" button that shares the f10
button (which I plan never to use, as it requires the function keys to be

I am really quite fond of how they've put '=', '(', and ')' in the space just
above the numpad. Shame I hardly ever use the numpad… and shame the bracket
symbols don't produce X events 😛

I've also noticed something quite good about the linux/kde way of doing
things: you can use ctrl to modify the actions of even non-standard keyboard
keys, so in amarok: next track=ctrl+volumeup, previous=ctrl+volumedown.

One thing I'm not too fond of is how you can only have two shortcuts assigned
to each action, and there are programs *coughAmarokcough* that have actions
that can be mapped to global shortcuts, but not normal shortcuts.


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