August 23, 2007

CupsAndString released. Now what to do?

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Okay, so I have released the first version of cupsandstring
<>. I have a few things I could do now:

a) Create a Skype connection manager
b) Clean up the telepathy-python bindings
c) Try porting to windows
d) Start work on that package manager idea of alexreg's (a set of MSI packages
with deb-like dependencies, but which can install themselves on windows,
where there isn't necessarily a package manager already installed.)

The idea that excites me most is the skype one. I would love to see what kinds
of hacks people come out with if I manage to get voice and video working on
that. Doesn't seem too hard either:


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  1. Hmmm… I’m sure you favourite project really *is* the package manager (apt-msi), I’ll just have to get you using Windows a bit more so that you start longing for it. 😛 Not sure if the idea was mine in the first please, but nice of you to attribute it to me. 😉 Anyway it would be interested to see where this Skype thing goes…

    Comment by Alex — August 24, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

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