October 10, 2007

Performance Dancing

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When I was in London, Sally asked me whether I would join a performance
troupe, so when I came back to cambs, I told the guys about it, and asked
them (very vaguely) whether it was a good idea. They said yeah…

Then on [last] wed, I went to the intermediates, and was completely dead. I
wasn't leading properly, and I was thinking way too much. Katherine also
reminded me that I was still yanking rather than body leading swing-outs.
Also, I should probably make the effort to get the breaks/half-breaks in the
shimsham. All in all, I really don't feel ready for performance dancing.

On the other hand, There are so many things that I keep getting told that I'm
doing badly, and I see really obviously when I see pictures of myself
dancing. Maybe joining a dance troupe would would provide the explicit
invitation for people to try to help me sort out those things. I think I
would also benefit from seeing a video of myself, and correcting my own

I think I will try to get at least one private lesson before the end of term.
I should ask Matt and Lotte about what's possible though.

I will tag the relevant people in the facebook copy of this when the lindy
exchange is over, and they're a little less busy. I would like to see
people's comments on this. What should I do?


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  1. Get yourself videoed somehow, or dance in a room with mirrors. Wait until you’re ready before joining a performance group.

    Comment by Jenny S-T — October 11, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

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