October 31, 2007

Of love, life, and linux.

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So I hear w00t about Gill [1] and not being ambiguous and not running away.

It seems that I have been struck by the "more girlfriend implies less
blogging" syndrome. I was thinking I could avoid it, but evidently not. There
has even been loads of stuff that I have thought "I should write about that".
I would also like to spew my feelings on here, but I suspect that some people
might have objections to that.

I really need an economist/machine learning specialist to help me build a
model of love based on utility/expected reward. So far, I have
Utility(him) = Utility_0(him) + love(her) * Utility(her)
Utility(her) = Utility_0(her) + love(him) * Utility(him)

So if love(him) = love(her) = love (a constant) then how large does it need to
be for Utility(him) to double? Also, should there also be a "time spent
together" factor in there, and what form should it take?

I've been stupidly busy recently. Probably my own fault for being so
lazy/distracted on the weekend/before. I'm gonna get screwed tomorrow for not
handing in work, and the next day (though I was able to do surprisingly much
of the risk paper in the half hour I thought I had)

In Linux news, we now have a JCR computer, for use with hermes. If you want an
account for more than that, please put something tasty in my (or Rob's)
pigeonhole. Also, if you know a good method for providing authorization
from /etc/shadow to kerberos or radius, please let us know. It would be good
to let all srcf users have un-restricted access onto the system. We'll see
what happens.

For Kopete users: a nice little hack: in the alias plugin, assign
"idle" to "exec dcop kopete KopeteIface setAutoAway"
Now you can type /idle to immediately go "away" until you next move the mouse.
Useful for adding finality to conversations without fucking up your status
for when you actually return.

[1] wget

-o – |
sed -e s/Jill/Gill/



  1. I feel obliged to direct you to the first panel of this comic:

    Yay for the linux box; though I feel restricting access to SRCF users is a bit illogical. It’s a machine in Peterhouse, so surely it should be anyone in college that can use it (or simply anybody in the University, obv. a superset).

    Comment by Stuart — November 1, 2007 @ 1:48 pm

  2. D’oh to broken wrapping on your comments. Try this link instead:

    Comment by Stuart — November 1, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

  3. There is no authentication database that we have control over other than srcf. The only other reasonable solution would be to see whether we can let people use their hermes passwords, and use imap for auth. We certainly can’t use PWF (the CO doesn’t think so either.)

    Comment by alsuren — November 1, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

  4. I’m very tempted to just say “We’ll give out logins, e-mail me”. There aren’t going to be that many people who will want logins, I think I could cope with the mail. I probably should tidy up the haxored firefox as well in that case to allow people to logout of the hermes session. The only problem is yet another system to register for. [Goes googling]

    Actually, imap looks very feasible, I might have a play later (read: quite a bit later), although the only other problem we might have is the fact we are typing the hermes password into a random place. But it goes into lots of random places, and we could just have hacked firefox, so it is no more of a risk.

    Comment by R — November 1, 2007 @ 4:28 pm

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