December 30, 2007


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It’s good to know that people are reading the *titles* of my posts at least. I honestly can’t be arsed finding a spellchecker for windows mobile though.

I was talking to my dad the other day on GT, and he was making *loads* of mistakes. It made me wonder what we’re trying to optimize when we’re writing on computers. I know there’s a few information-theoretical motives for not wanting to make mistakes: Random noise makes things harder to compress (higher entropy), and mean that you are less certain what was meant (lower useful information content)

But entropy can be reduced by using simpler english (if you type something in dasher using only the big squares, it will have lower entropy than if you use tiny squares too). So why is it that we have spellcheckers, but not wafflecheckers?



  1. Hey, I wasn’t the one being pedantic about your grammar. Anyways, I think good or at least consistent spelling is nice because any work that incorporates a multitude of conflicting ideas can leave the viewer non-plussed. I think what I’m doing here is trying to develop a complete theory of aesthetics.

    Eef nous takez ein sentance (OR SEMBLANCE?) unt merely incorpobubbleate onie alt kaotic ideés that shpring into notre minds den dere is left an unplezent jam-jarring effectupuscle.

    You see, not nice to read. It’s like taking a beautiful piece of music and adding a few mistakes at the most inappropriate times. (Toot! Ha ha.) Probably you still understand what was meant. But it’s not just the understanding that matters, but also the process of reading.

    Comment by Gavin — December 30, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

  2. Wafflecheckers are a brilliant idea. The internet would be a much better place. But how do you create a wafflechecker and yet make sure it doesn’t censor people for being badly educated, which is not their fault?

    Comment by Jenny S-T — December 31, 2007 @ 11:30 am

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