February 21, 2008

Long Day

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I am now completely dead. Interview day with IBM from 9:15 until about 3, then back into London for dinner and dancing until 10-ish. Wearing the same shoes the whole time.

Interview wasn’t an interview really: more of a test-day. Don’t know why they didn’t start it later, so we could have just gone on the morning train.

Tried to scav dinner off my mum, but apparently she’d taken the day off, Dad too. I’ll have to ask them about that. Ended up eating in wagamamas instead. Not too bad, if I hadn’t eaten the semi-raw red-onion.

Dancing was jitterbugs, marble arch. There’s SO MUCH SPACE. Even my dreadful floorcraft didn’t trip over anyone. I think my dancing became a little Roland-esque at points. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or what. There were a few familiar faces (Carol(?), Cleo :D…). For some reason, I was half-expecting to see J there, but no joy.

Now there’s a stupid bus replacement service to cambs, so I don’t know when i’m getting in. (answer: 1:00-ish)


February 19, 2008

Dancing, guush

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Since last Monday, after Salsa, I’ve been yearning for a decent jazz/blues dance with someone. Something with lots of Guush (sp?). I went to the speakeasy yesterday, and had a load of amazing dances. There were a few new student-types there, who seemed really up for the whole learning random charleston moves thing. I also had a really nice dance with Mirjana. I can’t really explain it, but there was definitely guush. I was talking to her body, and I didn’t notice what her feet were doing to support her (she could have been floating for all I knew). I think maybe it was just that neither of us were really thinking, so it was just a nice relaxed dance: not too much crazyness, and only a few subtle “there’s the break” style pauses etc.

I had a brief discussion with Rosie about Salsa, and at some point during the night, I worked out why I spin her so much (yes: it is me leading it): I think it’s because I don’t feel safe leading her in swing-outs. In Salsa, I guess you want to be made aware of every part of the other person’s body (so I can understand how heels might make it easier), but in Lindy (for me, at least) it’s nicer if you don’t notice the footwork. That way, you can feel the other person’s centre without too much noise. Once you have that, you can add in smooth variations, and you have my perfect dance. I guess if you’re thinking of shoes that are perfect for dancing, they would be the same shoes that you’d play run-outs with your little cousins in, (but with a bit of slide, so that you don’t have to lift your feet too much). Maybe I should find out what size shoe Rosie takes, and duct tape some plim-soles for her… Maybe I should bring some duct-tape for Alex as well.

Also, was reminded that Lara can *definitely* move her body while blues dancing. I suspect that I may not have been the best lead there, because I was thinking more about what she was doing than what I was doing.

The only thing that was missing was a Gill :(. Hopefully she will get better in time for next week.

February 17, 2008

IBM Extreme Blue Interview

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I’m going for an interview on Wed. with IBM. If anyone else is: Shout.

I have a twin room in a B&B on Tuesday night (don’t worry: I’m not paying) so if anyone fancies joining me, they’re more than welcome.

Seems that neither google maps nor osm has decent maps of winchester.

February 9, 2008


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So, erm… Yeah… some of you may have noticed that I’ve stopped dancing. This is because Gill and I broke up, and it was decided that it would be best if one of us stopped going for a bit. This means that I may end up doing salsa or tango or yoga or something to substitute.

This week, I have been mostly being reclusive, and tarting about with telepathy stuffs. It’s quite annoying, because the voice/video chat part of telepathy is mostly “bonged”. I seem to be developing a hacker beard (of sorts) as well. Also: If you hear odd sounds coming from the jcr-mail machine, it’s because I’m trying stuff out (and that’s the only other machine that I have admin access to). I’ll try writing a proposal for what I want voice/video calling to behave like in the next week or so, once I have worked out the extent of the mess it’s in now.

Now, I believe that it is food time, and then work time.

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