March 2, 2008


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Okay, so when someone said they were trying to use ipython, I thought they meant IronPython(an MS implementation of python). Turns out that they in fact meant.

I checked it out, and Oh My God: I have fallen in love with it already. Basically, it’s an interactive shell for python, but with colour, and with lots of cool features stolen from Ruby, Matlab and Mathematica. (note: I’ve never used mathematica. I hear it is very powerful for algebraic manipulation)

For those of you on linux:
sudo aptitude install python-scipy python-matplotlib ipython
ipython -pylab
t = arange(0, 4*pi, 0.1)
plot t, sin(t)

or check out

For those of you on Windows:
get python either from or
get the latest version of ipython and pyreadline from
good luck (you might want to look at as well. I don’t know what that’s for.)


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