April 2, 2008

Past few weeks

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It seems that I fail horribly. I decided that I would go home over Easter, so that I would be able to go from London to my IBM interview. As a result, I didn’t do any work from Good Friday through to now (I have yet to really start: the last two days have been spent doing only a very few hours each)

I was lent The Fountainhead by Mandy, back in 6th form, so when I saw it and Atlas Shrugged in the library sale, I had to get them. The last 2 weeks have been spent almost exclusively reading Atlas Shrugged. It has some interesting ideas, but I think that The Fountainhead covers a lot of similar ideas in a nicer way. There are parts of Atlas Shrugged where she plays on a theme too long: I was expecting to finish the last few hundred pages pretty quickly, but I got to a certain point, and then noticed that there was a 50-page monologue in front of me, so I just went to sleep instead and skipped the monologue entirely. I have since half-listened to a recording of the monologue, and it doesn’t seem to say much that wasn’t said elsewhere in the book.

One thing that it does do quite well is theorise how “from him according to his ability, to him according to his need” will fail (turning into “to each according to his want”, which could be worse than the capitalist ideal of linking ability and reward).

I am also quite interested in Rand’s concept of love. I won’t try to outline it here, for fear of being corrected, but essentially greed for the {recognition | respect | enjoyment} of another.

In other news, While I think that it could have been done less forcefully, I believe that MS office having an ISO branded document format as its default is a step forward compared to .doc. The next step from here is to encourage governments to support at least one (or both) ISO document formats.


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