April 4, 2008

Last Few Days, Sony Interview

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I have picked myself back up from my “Week long Easter Break”, and been pretty productive. Yesterday and the day before included reasonable stints in the library, and I expect another full day’s work tomorrow. I think that Rob’s Tetley is helping a lot. I should probably think about reimbursing him at some point (or maybe buying myself some PG tips, because it’s a slightly less disturbing colour).

Also: sony bprl interview today was fun. It seems like it was organised by the engineers, rather than the hr people, and was a lot more inspiring than IBM’s: It was basically a chance to look at some cool [blue sky and almost-production] projects, see a few of them go wrong, and discuss some cool algorithms.

Included in the example projects was a scene localisation and overlay system (the demo overlays 3d pieces on a chess board, but was jittering horribly, because they were concentrating on detailed precision, and didn’t have a good technique to get a prior belief about where the chess board is likely to be *roughly*)

Another cool project was a content tagging, organisation, search and distribution system (though I heard it was being dropped). The user interface was a bit horrible and buggy, but it had some cool applications of the machine intelligence stuff we’ve done in the image processing and pattern processing courses. Also, I hear “bespoke metadata management system==fail”. Give me RDF any day. I was talking to Sally about that just this morning, before heading off to interview.

Also, there was a video-streaming-over-wifi app for use at football games (broadcast, <2Mbps to the PSP, fine under load test with 200 PSPs, production ready enough to be mentioned on the bprl site. I wonder how much it would cost to fully stress test the system until failure :P); and a set of ASICs for image enlargement and deinterlacing in HD (Shame they failed so horribly on the )

All considered, I reckon I would really enjoy working at BPRL. Made me realise that my CV was aimed in completely the wrong direction. I have added a section on my icon grid, and actually documented it (at Hopefully I can get a placement on one of the interesting projects, even if it is just QA.


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