June 21, 2008

Recent Significant Events

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I’ll do this in roughly reverse chronological order, for want of a better way:

I found out yesterday that I got a 2:2. This is very frustrating, though it puts me in good company. Thinking back, I guess there are enough exams that were probably worth a 2:2 or worse and where I should have been getting a first (Data Transmission, Signal and Pattern Processing, silly bits on Software) and our group project was really dreadful (though Dave Forster managed a 2:1, so it can’t have been that bad). At the end of the day, I knew that I wasn’t getting the first that I was predicted by many, but I didn’t let myself think I’d done *that* badly. A mark breakdown would be interesting to look at.

I’d like to think that I’m worth more (to a company) than a 2:2, but if I can’t perform well in exams, and I can’t do projects, then I have no justification for saying that I am: No matter what my supervisors might think.

My 4th year project is looking very exciting. I’m doubtless boring most of my friends horribly about it, but such is life. Right now, I’m getting very frustrated by the Engineering library because they require a signature or email from your supervisor before they let you take a book out over the holidays. This makes my life hard because my official supervisor is never around the department, and I’m not allowed to use the email from my de facto supervisor that recommended the book in the first place. The problem is made worse because everyone is really busy during may week going to functions etc. What they really need is to allow either your supervisor or your DoS, because I’ve seen Digby loads of times this week.

John’s may ball was good. Interestingly, Hughes Hall was probably a better performance/lesson, even though we only really seemed to care about John’s. Performing has to be the best way to do a may ball, because:
1) It costs you £30 rather than £130.
2) You have all of your troupe there to hang around with, which is a bigger group than you would tend to get from within college.
3) Performance outfits are often more comfortable than ball dresses/shoes (for girls)
4) You have green-room areas to go back to, where you can store more clothes for if you get cold (the girls ended up in jeans and leather jackets etc. by the end).

DJing on Monday was kinda horrible, because I didn’t know my music collection well enough, and it wasn’t an especially big collection (2GB on an SD card). On the other hand, I now know that everyone can shut up and stop trying to get me to play stuff at less than 120bpm for charleston-derived stuff. I also recognise that it would be sensible to buy a usb sound card, so I can preview tracks before I play them. Alternatively, I could just get a shift-on with my project, so I can just cluster my collection, and work from that. Also, if anyone can tell me how to fix my eeepc so that it stops trying to mount my SD card repeatedly, and it keeps the mount point there after I eject, so amarok doesn’t get confused: that would be nice.


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