September 20, 2008

Told you I’d do something Stupid.

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So every Friday so far, when I’ve gone out to Balboa Fridays, I’ve done *something* stupid, but it’s always been fun recovering.

First time I went, it took me longer than I thought to get there, and I didn’t like the idea of joining halfway through a lesson (even if it was a beginner lesson, and I had done bal before) so I went back home without actually dancing. On my way back, I got a call from Vid asking about jazz clubs. Unfortunately I was little help.

Second time I went, I think I managed to get away with not doing anything too stupid.

Third time I went, the trains were broken, and everyone was in the pub so I thought “screw this” and joined them. I then ended up taking the night bus home.

Fourth time, went to the pub again, without checking the time of the last train. Got to the train station just in time to catch the last useful train home, but needed to go back to the pub to drag Holly out. I also left my shoe bag at the venue with my wallet in (though by some stroke of fortune, I had my cash card in my pocket). I should really post a full entry on the lolz that resulted, but a summary will have to do:

I ended up getting as far as Holly’s house, and slept in her absent housemate’s bed (in Bow). I turned down an offer of charging my phone, as I thought I had enough (turns out that all S60 phones lie about their battery status, as Rob will confirm). In the morning, I established that Dan did indeed have my bag, and thought I might as well make a day of it. Phoned my nan (No answer) and went climbing at mile end instead. Got as far as Ealing Broadway, and stopped for lunch, then borrowed a phone to call Dan. Got on the Oxford train rather than the West Ealing train, and had to back-track. Eventually got to Dan’s, and asked him the route to walk back. Enjoyed it. Stopped in a shopping centre at Ealing Broadway to buy fluids and a new bag (from Argos, and I’m very pleased with it so far.) and then wandered home.

Last night, I got there fine, had a good meal on the high-street there, and had a really good lesson. All the way home I was thinking “When am I going to do something stupid?” “I’m due to do something really stupid any second now.” Riding down the hill…. Got hit by a U-turning taxi. “Hooray!”. Turns out that not putting my lights on was a stupid idea. I must have been going pretty fast, because the resulting bang attracted the attention of the couple from across the street. This turned out to be a good thing, because the nice man had a truck, and offered to take me and my bike back home.

I got in, and my mum was still in bed reading, so I dragged her out, and she helped me get cleaned up. She also made me ovaltine, and gave me honey + yogurt. It reminded me of being a kid again, which was great. What was quite funny was the fact that our first aid kit had nothing useful in it (like say… TCP, or sterile dressings), so we ended up slathering Savlon all over the place, and taping a wad of cotton wool to my knee.

Right now, I’m pretty okay. I think my back hurts more than my knee (which is not especially much more than usual) I need to take a look at my bike, and see if it’s dislodged breaks or a buckled wheel that’s stopping it from actually working as expected. I have had a suggestion of cycling from Alex today, which actually sounds like a really good idea, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it working in time, and anyway, I promised to help Mum with gardening today.

I should get out of my dressing gown, shouldn’t I?



  1. See if only the clarification of where you slept could have been made *before* my dad got the wrong end of the stick.

    Comment by Holly — September 20, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

  2. […] Green pretty regularly, but it’s been about 15 months since I’ve done any decent amount of Bal (this was one of the last times I went). I turned up tonight for the beginners’ class, expecting to be […]

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