September 21, 2008

Dance Mutex

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As touched on in a previous post: after breaking up with a dancer, dance
events tend to become Mutually Exclusive. Now as you can imagine, this is
extremely damaging to your routine (previously, me missing out on a lesson
was a noteworthy event). Also, I have been wanting to get more involved in
Cambrdige Lindy this year.

Recently, Gill and I have come to the agreement that I will respect her wishes
and keep away from lessons (for at least a term). In return, she will tell me
in advance if there’s something she’s *not* going to, so that I can avoid
missing out needlessly.

I should still be able to go to Cambridge Lindy Exchange, and troupe training.
Annoyingly, my shoulder is currently eating itself, so I half-expect to be
told to give myself a break when I go to see a physio (will do so when I get
back to cambs). On the other hand, Tango is likely to be *less* bad for me,
and I think learning tango connection would be good for my Lindy/Blues, so I
*will* be there (St Paul’s on a Tuesday, I think) as often as possible.

The intuitive among my readership may have made the link between this me
dropping out of Herrang at the last minute, and will be asking “why didn’t
you just go different weeks?” Well that was partly because of a communication
breakdown, entirely my own fault, and partly because by the time I booked up,
the only lessons available week 2 was balboa, and I’m really *not* a very
good bal dancer, and by the time we’d resolved the issue, even they were


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  1. You know what, if every dancer who went out with another dancer and then broke up didn’t go to the same events then most places would be very bare by now.
    It sounds like you got a pretty crap end of the deal only being allowed to go to stuff if she decides not to… I shouldn’t stand for it if I were you, old chap!

    Comment by justafish — September 24, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

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