September 23, 2009

Food for food.

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I have been told that I should blog more often, and my software based blog posts will no longer be being shared on facebook, so something a little lighter might be more appropriate.

Those of you who know me well should be aware that I do like my food. Doesn’t always have to be expensive or the height of fashionable cuisine, as long as it’s interesting/satisfying.

A few meals that stand out recently:

Cream tea at Bea’s with Holly and her friend from home. If you’re looking for excess, then this is the place to go. They got pots of tea (plus extra hot water on request) a cupcake each, and a 3-layer platter of cakes between them for £8/person. I filched quite a lot, but most of it went in a doggy-bag.

I’ve been talking about Pizzaria Bel-Sit for a while now, but I’d not been there in years. It’s pretty much the best place to go for birthday parties. Back when I was little, I went there on my birthday and they gave me one of the staff-tshirts that that was too small for any member of staff they were planning on employing any time soon. Holly’s birthday presented the perfect opportunity to go there again. We had crispy-garlic-bread, which is wicked-cool (contrary to the comment of “Don’t order the garlic bread, it’s really nasty.” from the next table). There was a little girl in the queue in front of us whose parents had brought out for a birthday meal. Holly almost advertised that it was her birthday too, but she seemed a bit timid, so we hid the fact. Dessert took the form of baked alaska. I’d assumed that this would involve vanilla ice cream wrapped in something baked. How wrong I was. You don’t need to be honked at, and sung happy birthday to be impressed by the deserts at this place. A homemade mixture of rich ice cream flavours, sat on a slice od sponge and topped with flamed meringue.

At Edinburgh Lindy Exchange, notable food included Chocolate Soup, The Mosque Kitchen, and assorted cake provided by the locals. The Mosque Kitchen does simple curries and rice, served in paper bowls and eaten with plastic spoons while sitting at plastic garden tables. We need more places like this: good food that speaks for itself. Chocolate Soup does hot chocolate made with melted chocolate and semi-skimmed milk to make it taste richly of chocolate (contrast with the powder and cream approach of many places, which makes it just taste like fat). They also happen to make pretty nice soup (far nicer than that provided by EAT. on Monday in cambs.)


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