February 11, 2010


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I went to FOSDEM over the weekend in Brussels. My mum texted me when I arrived, with a thinly veiled request for me to bring back some Belgian Chocolates. Annoyingly, my touristing extended only as far as an hour wandering down to the Palace of Justice and back, and the only chocolate shops I passed seemed to be geared up for Valentine’s Day so I gave them a miss.

Getting back in touch with what’s going on in KDE-land was good, and finally pushed me to switch back from GNOME to KDE. I’m currently still running gnome-panel because I use a gnome-panel applet for reporting how many hours I’ve been working on different things.

I wrote down my conclusions from the conference for other people from Collabora to read, but I thought I might as well share them here too:

  • KMail in KDE 4.5 is finally going to be worth using, but that’s 6 months away.
  • RDF/SPARQL is actually kinda nice, but writing raw queries without any tools is a trap.
    • The KDE guys haven’t really been talking to the Tracker guys, so while their frameworks are theoretically compatible (using the same schemas) they haven’t made very much effort to share things like their databases or tools for writing metadata back to MP3/image tags (a feature which KDE currently lacks).
  • CouchDB is secretly mostly hype and while it’s possible to use from any language without any tools, it’s got too many sharp edges to be very useful when you start trying to use it for non-trivial applications (a bit like dbus-python in that sense?).
  • SIP-Communicator is actually kinda kickass. We really need to improve our SIP stack.
  • I hear Daniel Stone’s talk was really good but it was full by the time I got there. He says that it was recorded, and that he would post to Planet Collabora when they put it online.
  • I’m not going to go into too much detail about XMPP (A few of the other guys on Planet Collabora went to the associated XMPP summit, so I’ll leave it to them to post details about that.). One thing that is worth commenting on is that there is actually surprisingly little impedance mismatch between XMPP and many web2/AJAX technologies. Watch this space for a complete JavaScript port of Prosody and a massive flood of JavaScript-based server components.

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