January 25, 2011


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Just returned from Heidelberg. It was a really good event, and there was exactly the right balance of teaching and social for me (when you go to the really big workshops, your head is so full of technique stuff that you lose your ability to be musical when you hit the social floor. In this case, the style of blues that Lucky was teaching (ballroomin[g]) is completely orthogonal to what I usually dance, so I could just put it in my back pocket when I wanted to relax).

The Heidelberg blues scene seems to be more influenced by tango than London is (the music had lots of short runs of 3-4 similar-feeling songs (a bit like tandas but without the formality) and I noticed that more people were getting really serious about sharp/smooth horizontal movements, and they were less serious about rocking out and keeping a groove going than they tend to be in London). It made me resolve to start going to tango again once I get my free time back (I’m aiming for next Tuesday).

The only downer on the whole trip for me was the travel. On the way there, my ICE train was cancelled so I was 2 hours late (post-midnight. I can get a 50% refund, but I might give it to the poor hostel woman who had to let me in twice late at night). It also left me with no internet, so I couldn’t check the venue location or end time and just went to bed instead of dancing that night. On the way back, I slept in and missed my train by an hour because my phone was on the floor and I was alone in the (8 person) room on the top bunk (I also got in after 4am and my train was before 9). This cost me quite a lot of money. With that in mind, let’s take look at the budget for my holiday:

Food: €65
Hostel: €61: Hostel
Transport: €113 + £111 + €282 (Yes that’s right: missing my train cost me *more* than my original travel budget)
Holiday time taken: 2 days (both spent travelling)
Dancing: €50, 2 days (weekend)

If we convert everything into Euros, (using a 1:1 conversion, which makes the travel budget seem smaller) I spent 12 times more on other things than what I went there to do. (The time budget is a bit more balanced, and it would have only been *7* times if I’d managed to hear my alarm after 4 hours’ sleep and catch my train).

On the plus side, I made it back in time for the ADC show rehearsal. You should all go to see it by the way: I managed to catch a glimpse at some of the other pieces and there are some real gems this year (including our swing piece, that I’m not allowed to tell you any more about apparently).

In summary: Blues is awesome; Heidelberg is awesome; Heidelberg Blues is awesommer. I need to spend less time/money on trains and more on dancing.


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