March 7, 2011

Did I do the right thing?

Filed under: collabora, facebook — alsuren @ 2:09 am

When I came across this pair of comments on LWN, the red mist washed over and I had to respond.

“Is there something preventing Apple from *also* supporting WebM? (This is a serious question about their contracts with MPEG LA.) Because if there isn’t, your point is invalid.”
“Apologies if the answer is in the article. I’ve been boycotting the WSJ for a couple of years now.”

Can someone check the resulting thread and tell me whether I did the right thing?

I think I am justified in being angry, but when I remembered “Do you realize that when you belittle people for asking “stupid” questions, you destroy their ability to keep asking questions?” I felt a bit guilty.

(Yes: I realise that posting in internet comments sections and reading reddid means that I’ve already lost.)


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