March 7, 2011

Did I do the right thing?

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When I came across this pair of comments on LWN, the red mist washed over and I had to respond.

“Is there something preventing Apple from *also* supporting WebM? (This is a serious question about their contracts with MPEG LA.) Because if there isn’t, your point is invalid.”
“Apologies if the answer is in the article. I’ve been boycotting the WSJ for a couple of years now.”

Can someone check the resulting thread and tell me whether I did the right thing?

I think I am justified in being angry, but when I remembered “Do you realize that when you belittle people for asking “stupid” questions, you destroy their ability to keep asking questions?” I felt a bit guilty.

(Yes: I realise that posting in internet comments sections and reading reddid means that I’ve already lost.)


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  1. Possibly a tad harsh, but who really cares? (You even took it back, so what the fuck?) This is the Internet, remember. If you really want to feel better, look at some YouTube comments; they’re “real” trolls! But honestly, move on and don’t think twice.

    Comment by Alex — March 12, 2011 @ 11:08 pm

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