March 17, 2010

Blues Extravaganza Moments

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Went dancing (blues) over the weekend. I don’t want to end up duplicating Holly’s post so if you actually want to know what I was doing on the weekend, read that. I’m just going to talk about key moments that stuck in my memory (in roughly chronological order):

  • Friday night’s Wall of Blues, and associated turf war with the local drunkards.
  • Peppering of glass in the bottom of my dance shoes.
  • Being told repeatedly to relax by a drunk person who cornered me for a dance.
  • Ignoring her because she was drunk.
  • Being told repeatedly to relax by Damon and Bryn.
  • Hanging my head in shame.
  • Solo blues facing off against Christopher Allen.
  • Dinner in Brazilian place in the market.
  • Dancing in close-closed with someone who’s the right height and connecting well (feels pretty awesome).
  • Being taught a few embraces which improve the connection in closed.
  • Recognising some of them from the previous evening.
  • Closed embrace with Damon and a “Freakishly tall guy”.
  • The picture, care of Christopher Allen.
  • The prank, care of Asif.
  • £5 communal nachos which were better and more filling than £9 burger
  • First dance with Brin (baptism of fire for the evening).
  • Still having my jumper on (baptism of sweat for the evening).

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